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After being diagnosed with cancer in February of 2021, I reached out to Scott to see if he and Reiki could be a part of my treatment team.  I’ve known Scott for many years and believed strongly in his Reiki.  With Scott’s willingness to engage in my treatment, his knowledge of Reiki and his belief the healing power of Reiki, I knew I had found a central pillar in my healing journey.  Through regular sessions with Scott - both remote and in person - I believe his healing ability using Reiki is strongly correlated to my progress.  I highly recommend anyone with health concerns to engage Scott and his Reiki healing to be a part of your own journey, Scott’s presence, knowledge and healing will remain part of mine.  Thank you Scott for your ability, energy and willingness to work with me and help me progress

Jon Duplantier, MLB Pitcher

This was my first Reiki experience, and Scott did a wonderful job explaining what the process was and how we were going to navigate our goals. Not only do I believe that I have improved physically, I’m more emotionally healed and feel better mentally after working with Scott.


Scott made me feel comfortable to try Reiki from the moment I stepped into his office. He shared information about the process, checked-in throughout to see if I had any questions, and asked if I had any goals for the session. Once we started the session it was awesome. I truly felt relaxed and comfortable the entire time! Which is so important during a healing session. I could fully let go and dive into the process! The transition from the healing work to the end of the session was slow and deliberate. Scott is an amazing healer, I felt amazing after! Will absolutely continue to go back.


I enrolled in an online Holy Fire Reiki II training with Scott. He took the time to explain what we were doing and didn't just read what was in our books; he made it personal by connecting with stories of his own and by asking us to make connections that we were comfortable sharing. Scott's presence was one of facilitator, not teacher, where he enabled each of the participants to interact with the others. What I love most about working with Scott is his loving nature, where I feel like he has my best interest in mind at all times. His non-anxious presence immediately makes me feel at ease and allows me to relax and enjoy the benefits not only of his structured meditations but his class in general. I highly recommend Scott to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-searching and improvement!


I had the pleasure of attending Scott’s Reiki workshop and I immediately felt healing energy working through my physical body.  I could feel the energy moving through areas that have been blocked and awakening areas that had been numb. I was amazed by the clearing and cleansing that took place. This healing went beyond physical there was also an amazing emotional shift that occurred. That weekend I happened to be visiting with my in-laws (which can sometimes be tense). However this time I was able to be more open and emotionally available with them. It was like the healing energy was surrounding me all weekend and I could feel our relationship shifting as well.  I left feeling closer to them than ever before. If you have the opportunity to receive this healing energy work do not pass it up.


I had no idea what to expect from my first reiki session, but Scott eloquently explained the process to me and made sure I felt relaxed and at ease. To begin, he asked me what areas I would like him to pay closer attention to, to which I told him about the tendinitis in my forearm as well as my overall emotional energy. Once he began the treatment I immediately felt deeply relaxed. I also felt an energetic warming sensation throughout my entire body. In the days following our session, not only was I pleased to feel the pain in my arm completely dissipate, but I had more energy and motivation than I had had in months. I’ll definitely be back for more sessions with Scott. He is a true healer!


Reiki healing is a natural, intuitive way to assess deep levels of meditation and healing. Scott Cvetkovski is an experienced and compassionate Reiki Master. I found his online Reiki session to be most wonderful and healing. I could easily see his organization, One Heart Way, providing healing service through Reiki to hospitals and VA Centers. I really love Scott’s work and would love to see many more people benefit from his Reiki.


I came into my session with limited knowledge on the practice prior but left with a tremendous understanding and how to best align the practice with my daily life and how this tune-up will help guide me moving forward. The experience was both relaxing and refreshing and allowed me to center and reset. No matter the circumstances I truly know Reiki can be a great tool in the tool bag of any person who wants to be at peak performance. I could not wait to tell my wife who works in social services and she is getting her first session soon and look forward to sharing the power of this healing with many people.


I wanted to thank Scott for an amazing introduction to reiki session. I have never done reiki before, and I didn't have quite a sense of what it is. Scott walked me through the process and made my first session simple and easy. I have to say, I didn't know what to expect and was somewhat fearful of having bad energy because of a trying life experience that I'm going through. Scott normalized my experience and helped move the negative energy out of my body. I left this session feeling ready to go, and ready to face the world. Scott's demeanor is very warm and welcoming and I'm impressed with his ability to connect so quickly with others. I could sense he really cares about me and loves his work.


The best I can describe how I felt was a relaxed state of sleep in which I was not sleeping I was awake.  After the session, I felt as though I had had a massage inside my body.  I immediately felt happy, clean, refreshed, and energetic.  Energy without the caffeine effect.  I felt light like a weight had been lifted off me.  The next day I realized I no longer had shoulder and hip discomfort or pain, still feeling the same positive energy and a sense of peace within myself. 


I have never had a Reiki session before, but have been dealing with some physical injuries, so I’ve been trying anything I can to help. I wasn’t sure what to expect. First, I walked into a clean, lovely room with peaceful music playing. Scott explained everything he would be doing, especially where he would place his hands; he wanted to make sure I understood the purpose of each touch and to make sure that I was comfortable. As a female, I always appreciate that extra step. When the reiki session began, I was already feeling very at ease, and that feeling stayed as we continued. I even dozed off for a bit! Afterward, I felt much lighter and happier, and it felt as if my skin was actually tingling in the best way. Scott had a bottle of cold water waiting for me and then explained how I may be feeling later and what to do. I can honestly say that I loved the entire experience from start to finish and will definitely be back! Thank you, Scott!

Maureen M.

I recently had my first one hour Reiki treatment with Scott Cvetkovski. This treatment was so compelling on so many levels. I could feel l went into a state of deep rest and relaxation, as Scott channeled such great healing energy. I really went into that timeless state, which is so wonderfully healing. The energy moving through Scott’s hands was palpable. I also felt a sense of clarity arising several hours after the treatment. I feel taking the time to unplug and heal is more important than ever these days. Do yourself a favor and invest in your well being. Reiki is so very good.


Scott is a true healer. He is so passionate about reiki and has a strong genuine desire to help people. I came to Scott for treatment when I was under a lot of work stress a few months back and I felt the results immediately. My mind had been cleared of the fog that had me stressed out and unproductive. During my extremely relaxing session, I could feel the stress and anxiety leaving my body which left me in a very relaxed state. I felt free for the first time in a long time! I highly recommend doing a treatment session with Scott, I know I’ll be back. 


Scott is a consummate professional. I had never done Reiki before and was curious to try it for the first time. Scott explained how it worked, and make sure I was comfortable. Apparently, Reiki affects people differently. I don't have any injuries but have been feeling stressed at work, which Scott definitely helped with. After a thirty-minute session, I was extremely relaxed and felt centered, and that feeling stayed with me through the next day.


I met Scott through a mutual friend and came into this with an open mind. I could not have made a better decision at a better time. I had been dealing with an enormous amount of anxiety on my appointment day and I wanted to reschedule to give this an honest chance. How wrong I was! Through sound and touch, I drifted off to sleep and woke so much more refreshed than I should have after such short rest. Completely sold, I recommend anyone who is going through any level of stress or anxiety to an appointment immediately.


I had my first-ever Reiki session with Scott and, not long after, took both of my children to see him for their own sessions. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but immediately felt at ease with Scott. I relaxed instantly and fell asleep early on in our session. Afterward, I felt lighter overall, and very excited about an internal shift that I knew and could feel had taken place, though I couldn't quite articulate exactly what that was. My 6-year old son felt incredibly empowered all-around after his session, communicating his feelings both at home and at school with greater confidence, while my 9-year old daughter was simply blown away by the fact that she could literally lie still and let "magic" happen. I enthusiastically recommend Scott for the incredible healing work that he is so gifted at!


Recently I was privileged to have a Reiki session treatment with Scott.  I came away feeling much better and with a sense of relief.  Scott’s calming manner put me at ease right away. After discussing my problem areas, Scott proceeded with a wonderful treatment!  I could feel the warmth and healing energy through Scott flow into me.  Scott is a healer and I could not be more pleased with the results.  I would highly recommend Reiki treatments with Scott and am very much looking forward to my next visit.


As a first-time recipient of Reiki, I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. Scott took the time to walk me through the process, easing my mind and allowing me to fully immerse myself in the session. When he checked in with me the next day, I was happy to report that woke up with more energy than usual. Not only did I walk away from the whole experience feeling centered, Scott showed me a genuine passion for helping others. Thank you!


I wanted to thank you for allowing me to experience Reiki for the first time. I cannot remember when I have been in such a relaxed state. I swear I could physically feel the tension transferring out of my body as you were working on me. I look forward to your return visit to Western New York so I can experience this again. Thank you.


The Reiki session was a very calming & relaxing experience.  I felt lighter and more motivated in the session with Scott. Reiki is a great way to get rebalanced and get your mind back on track. Thank you, the treatment/session was uplifting and rewarding.

Dr. William

Scott has a very positive energy; caring, even loving, such that my experience of Reiki with him was very comfortable as well as comforting. I left our session feeling relaxed and calm to a degree more satisfying and rejuvenating than a similar period of meditation.


I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first Reiki session, but Scott explained everything and made me feel comfortable from the start. I have always had issues with my lower back and I could feel the tension release almost instantly. Beyond the physical benefit, it made me feel relaxed but at the same time energized for the rest of my day. I will continue sessions at least on a weekly basis with Scott.


Scott allowed my first Reiki experience to be an amazing one. I had come off of a long shift of work and was able to really tap into a relaxed center and space of energy. It was a 30-minute session that felt like an hour. Throughout the session, I could feel an orange warmth running through my body. Scott has a loving and caring energy about him. I plan to visit again! 


My session with Scott felt like a large weight was being lifted off my entire body. In fact, it felt like I was levitating for a few moments there! Picture having that paired with warm, positive vibrations pulsing through your veins for 30 to 60 minutes - most specifically that's what Scott delivers.


It felt as though an energy was surging through my limbs. I’ve never experienced anything like it. And I can definitely say I slept better in the days following, my energy levels were higher and I was overall less stressed.

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