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In order to experience our deepest recesses of joy and peace, we must first have the courage to face our fears. Our therapists use a wide range of research-proven techniques to help transform anxiety, depression, and loneliness into joy, freedom, and connectedness.


Whatever your situation, our goal is to help you find clarity and purpose. Through the therapy process, we will help you cultivate an unshakeable resiliency that you carry into every challenge you face.


The purpose of our therapy practice is to help you become free from the grip of anxiety, depression, addiction, and hurtful relationships in your life.

Positive Sports Leadership is a leadership and emotional intelligence development company that works with high schools, clubs, colleges and individual athletes. Using our emotional intelligence assessments, leadership material and process, and one of a kind athletic development program, PSL provides world-class training and development for all the needs of your athletes.

Like causes attract like effects, so that negative thoughts, words, and actions attract negative outcomes, while wholesome thoughts, words, and actions attract positive outcomes. To the ancient Chinese, Mind, Body, and Spirit are one, not three, and exercise, meditation, and philosophy all work together to improve and integrate every aspect of development. 

Welcome to the Western New York Karate Center, Buffalo’s premier family martial arts education center. Practical, effective self-defense is our #1 priority. Celebrating our 25th anniversary serving the WNY community.


Feed your body, mind and soul with Isshinryu Karate-Do, a traditional Okinawan style of martial arts. Our curriculum also includes techniques and concepts from Aikido, American Kenpo, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Modern Arnis to give our students a well rounded martial arts education. We offer separate classes for adults and children and also offer special family rates.

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