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Why Donate?


One Heart Way is a 501 c 3 non-profit leader in bringing the healing arts to assist traditional medicine in the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Your contribution is tax deductible and will help the following amazing people:

Youth and Concussion Research


Addicts looking to take back their lives
Veteran Centers and Foundations


Hospitals looking for help in healing

Concussion Research and Support​

Concussions are an enormous concern surrounding many of the sports played by youth and adult participants. The need to accurately assessing an individual’s brain state to determine if they are physically ready to play again has been expressed by parents, doctors and athletic coaches. Concussion protocols and scanning equipment are expensive and ineffective in determining a player’s eligibility to return to the sport.


Using WAVi Scans technology, we can bring quantitative EEG technology to in order to better assess athletes or general population who have experienced concussions. When a baseline WAVi scan has been obtained, a physician can assess the condition of an athlete's brain after a concussion by comparing it to its healthy state before an injury. Studies have found that electrical responses to sound and physical reaction time are affected by a concussion and the normalization of these measures correlates with symptomatic recovery. By adding more objective assessments of recovery we hope to reduce the long-term danger from concussions and measure to dictate the effects of Reiki in the patients’ recovery.


A portion of all funding will go to our study for a holistic and natural way of healing a concussion. 

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