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The One Heart Movement, led by Krista Kleiner, aims to unify national and global communities to become more effective at overcoming current and future challenges. On Valentine's Day, The One Heart Movement launched a social media challenge to raise our hearts around the power of community love. 


This will lead into a special broadcast dedicated to showing love and support to our nurses and the families of the healthcare workers we have lost in the battle against COVID-19. 

One Heart Way has partnered with the One Heart Movement to be able to spread our love and support through distance healing experiences, and offering to teach Reiki to specific communities affected by Covid-19.

Working with hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well families affected by Covid-19, One Heart Way is refocusing resources as an official Heart Healing Resource to offer our services and assist in mental, emotional, and spiritual healing

Our goal is to train as many healthcare practitioners as possible FREE to them by 2022. Please consider donating via the donate button below to help us achieve our vision of helping the heroes of who have put us before themselves and their families.

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